Monday, June 4, 2007

Xmas in June...Wollmeise Yarn PrOn continues

OMG, I just this second received my first order from Wollmeise. When I opened the envelope, a lovely spotted yellow feather floated out. Tiny Pandora, the tortoise shell, pounced on it instantly. The yarn is gift wrapped in handmade chartreuse paper with a little extra skein tied on with a bitter green raffia bow. I'm now opening the package...Oh WOW!, they are gorgeous. Strangely, each and every one is RED to some degree or another. Dark reds to rusts to red mauves. OK, so I suppose it's my favorite color but I didn't even think about it when I ordered. Gorgeous, highly recommended. Claudia skeins this superwash fingering up at 525 meters, so I can knit anything I like and not worry about running out of yarn, per usual. This really opens up my sock design possibilities.
Indische Rot, Raku Regenbogen, K├╝rbis, Rhabarber, Brombeere

I am attempting to better the photos. Blogging them directly from Flickr, the quality is much better. But they upload one at a time, each as a separate post and I haven't completely deciphered this process. And Blogger then cuts off the right hand side, no matter how I fiddle and crop. If I upload them through Blogger from Flickr, they are quite grainy. If any of you tech geniuses has figured this one out, do let me know.


Lene said...

Beutiful skeins! Christmas in June sounds good!

fleegle said...

If I knew where you lived, I'd have to do a Ninja theft on those skeins. Fabuloso!

tapmouse said...

WOW, Angela! Just GORGEOUS colorways! And definitely "YOU". Matter of fact, when I saw your pic of UFOs on the chair, that was you in every way possible-warm, rich reds with embers of burn oranges. OK, get those two rows on you pick up sticks done and weave in a couple of ends each time before you start knitting on something else. Maybe that will help?

I'm worst cuz I've got tons in progress, too, with little progress towards completion! ;)