Monday, June 4, 2007

I must find more knitting time! If I only manage a pair of socks a month, I have stash for over six years. Now if I could manage two pair a month, I could with a clear conscience order more in three short years (am I getting the idea, Celtic Memory and SoapQuiltKnit?) I know it sounds absurd, but it is a real jolt to my psyche each time I go to ball up one of my precious skeins. I sometimes wonder if I don't love the skeins even more than the socks.

Celtic Memory advised: "And I forgot to say - will you for heaven's sake BUY ANOTHER CIRCULAR and do both socks at the same time? It totally eliminates Second Sock Syndrome. I work the cuff on one, then the other; then I work a repeat or so of the pattern on one, and change over again; and so it goes, right down to the toe (Or vice versa if you prefer). It's so worth the additional needle you can't believe."

And after holding my ribs laughing for a while, my answer to her was..."Dearest, darlingest Celtic Memory, in answer to your suggestion I should get another circular needle so that I can knit two socks at a time...ARE YOU KIDDING???? I have probably 8 pair in the same size in the same
BRAND...Knitpicks...which I totally love for small sock sizes. Also have in each size, at least two Addis and a Laceweight Addi. Even though the measured gauge size is equal, I do NOT get the same gauge on the same size between brands. One of the mysteries of a knitter's life. This is not counting straights and bamboos. Oh, and all those needles???? They are all in other socks! That are awaiting more yarn to finish. As you know, I always run out. But hope springs eternal."

And I daren't remove those tiny needles for the risk of losing stitches, or forgetting the needle size six months later when I can't find my notes. My theory is simpler just to buy another needle, even if it is the umpteenth needle in that size, since obviously, you need it.

One day Celtic Memory, you will make it to the New World again and see the inner sanctum and discover my theory that "more is more". I'm one of those people that stockpiles. Because if I need something at 3AM and don't have it and can't get it, I become very stressed. That's when UFOs are born. And unfortunately, once they hit that UFO chair, it's "out of sight...out of mind". Even though it is right in front of my nose, I don't see it, I don't look. Because then I would have to deal with it all. One day soon, perhaps after I knit up all that sock yarn? No, no, no, I'm going to come up with a rewards system, like my above mentioned friends, to sort out these UFOs that are all still beloved and quite close to finished, each and every one of them.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh BOY do I know that Forgotten The Needle Size Syndrome! How many times have I yanked the needle out of a once-cherished project for the latest love, thinking merrily, 'Oh I'll remember the size I was using...' And six months later, when I suddenly fall in love with that one all over again - can I remember? The hell I can! Yes, I know we have both been advised to stick a nice little label on, or somesuch - but when you have the 3 am Omigods, you aren't exactly in the mood to go looking for nice little labels, are you? And even if you did find one, it would have fallen off before you got back to it. Or eaten by the cat. Or the dog. Or oneself in a fit of absent-mindedness.

Memo to self. Go back to New World. Lots of Knitpicks and Addi Turbo Lace needles there apparently.

Jeri said...

Jo, she has lots of sets of needles. I can vouch for that.

I also tend to be knitting both socks of a pair separately but at the same time.

Angeluna, bring the yarn for the group caress tomorrow. (But you already knew that, didn't you?)

ambermoggie said...

ome in a contest and had tyo go and order more myself:) They make fabulous shawls BTW
amber in England

Lilly said...

Why not just make chartreuse* toes your trademark? Buy a bunch and save it just for the toes when you have run out of the Real Color.

*or some other color of your choice

Angeluna said...

Clever girl, Lilly. How did you know that I posess a rather large skein of Chartreuse sock yarn from Fleece Artist?? There are just some socks that you want to knit all the same yarn. I embrace Wollmeise for that big yardage, but have quite a bit of stash that's going to need those chartreuse toes!