Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sock projects are piling up

Flower PrOn. Take a look at the beautiful peonies I found at the market. When I lived in France, I would splurge on these beauties during the brief time each year that they showed up in our local street market, for a fortune. They were called pivoines and I would buy them as tight balls, then watch them unfold for up to two weeks. So wonderful.
Yarn fondling is what's happening chez-moi. Plus a marathon opera week, combined with the finals of the Van Cliburn International Amateur Pianists Competition (A total hoot, doctors, lawyers and housewives who play the piano well enough, just not professionally, are given a chance to compete in front of an audience with stellar judges. Lots of them come.) Add a pair of houseguests to this mix, with black-tie events every night and what am I doing....fondling sock yarn!

That elusive Sock Hop Handspun. I've been on the back order list for six months or so, received a notice that they were going to list some last week, set my alarm for the exact moment, and thank goodness I did, because 10 minutes later there was almost nothing left. But I got these yesterday...

Wild Thing, My Boyfriend's Back, Great Balls of Fire

Magic Carpet Ride and I Got You Babe

I'm going to share, but haven't decided which ones absolutely to keep yet.

Then, darling G of Sisters of the Wool passed this beauty on to me. Wollmeise's Spice Market. Great yardage, I can knit the socks of my dreams without worrying about running out of yarn.

Please, please, send me any wonderful sock pattern ideas you might have for these, so I'll stop fondling and start knitting. I'm more than half finished with those Monkeys and will be looking for the next project. And my fingers are itching to dive into these.

Last night's Butterfly was terrific, wonderful CioCio San with a strong cast and good conductor. Tonight's is a newly commissioned opera in it's debut performance, Frau Margot. Then Falstaff is the next day. Wish me courage, wish me stamina, wish I could knit on my Monkeys while I was there.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Heck, I hadn't even HEARD of Sock Hop until you mentioned it - but seeing those pictures makes me realise I've been pining for it all my life! Off to look at pictures if nothing else.

Been yarn fondling here too - but have had a sudden rush of horror at the sheer size of stash and am resolving to DESTASHIFY. Also finish projects, etc. etc.

Just remind me again - sock yarn doesn't count at ALL in stash, does it?

Swap light operetta for your opera - interviewed a delightful Greek baritone yesterday who is singing Count Danilo in The Widow here next week. Still can't knit at the theatre though...

anne said...

oooh, that wollemeise is gorgeous. sigh.

bookgrump said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the Sock Hop. It's SO pretty in the picture.

I'm so glad that you are happy with the Wollmeise. I can't wait to see what it becomes. Have you done Wyvern yet?

You want a pattern that will take a little variegation. The Sock Hop needs something very simple. I'd have to see it swatched to see whether the Rib and Cable Sock pattern from Fall Interweave 2005 would work.

Jeri said...

There was a request on KR for a larger variation of monkey. How is the chart working out for you? As far as knitability and fit.

Knittinreed said...

Yes, I am in Richardson. I hate what they do to trees here!

Nice sock yarn haul you have! and Sock Hop is great - Teyani is a gem. I bought some beauiful roving from her.

Glad to hear Butterfly was great - good luck on the rest of the operas. Remember to sleep amd eat this week....