Monday, June 25, 2007

The Pooling from Hell

Talk about a high...

It's been very busy around here, but...take a look at this weird flower I have nurtured for years. Know what it is???? Datura. Evidently you can get quite high from any part of this plant, but it's not easily controlled and could be fatal. Not being into hallucenogenics, we just admire it around here. It only has a few of these huge hanging flowers each year. They start off quite pink. In a day or two they become yellow, and after that they are white. Then they fall off and we just see greenery until the following year. This photo was taken in the dark of night with no flash. See the light streaming out of the windows in the back? Quite odd, this glow in the dark effect.

There is a new poll on this morning about favorite pastimes. Unbelievably, they included knitting as one of the choices. Knitters...go vote. We're not in the top 10 yet.
It's quick and easy. Represent!!!! Have your husband, your dogs, your children, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker vote for knitting.
Can we tell them how much we would like TV knitting programs at our level? One hour programs with intelligent and talented knitters. No Knitsters, no silly skits, just knitting. That other program tries way too hard. But whenever the one about the steering wheel cozies and the computer cozies comes up, I run for the hills. Can't push delete fast enough. And I've calculated that after removing the commercials and the really silly stuff they do on that show, you are left with 7 minutes or less of Cat Bordhi, or the Yarn Harlot, or CookieA, or Iris Schreier. It's absurd! What a waste. As long as I am on my soapbox, we should write to our stations.
And here is the third installment of the Rocking Sock Club 2007. A slipped stitch cable pattern in a gorgeous colorway by that genius Tina!!! Firebird. I actually dove straight in and cast this one on. I feel quite guilty that I haven't yet finished the other two, but had real issues with patterns and yarn shortage. And after all, The Summer of Socks just started with the Solstice, so these will be an appropriate first pair.
Those of you who know me know I love pooling, and spiraling and other serendipitous effects. But here may I present the "pooling from Hell". The sort which brings even me to near tears and utter disgust. Almost 3" long rectangular pools, pale pink on one side and orange on the other, that have only now, with lots of tugging and yanking, started back into a spiral. I hope. You are seeing a grey temp cast on at the top. If I have enough yarn at the end, I'll knit a tad of ribbing.
I'm hoping you won't see much of this under slacks or somesuch. Cause I'm not frogging now. This represents a lot of work! I used the medium cast on with Addi 1s. Will go down to 2.25mm as soon as I can get it over my arches.

So knit those socks, represent and just generally kick ass!


Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) said...

Oh, the agony! {wink}

Casa Pearl said...

I chose this as my first SOS socks as well and was just pondering the pooling this morning. I started toe up and my pooling seems to be going vertical with the lighter color going up the side of the sole. I think I will post a backside photo tonigh. I am liking my pooling at the moment.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh wow, datura! Just right for our blowpipe workshop, yes? As I recall, datura is always the venom of choice for those.

That yarn seems to have it in for you. I mean, how likely is it for the colour to pool in that way? Almost impossible, I would have thought. Glorious colour though. Keep going.

I was supposed to be carrying on with the Arrowhead Lace socks, but got sidetracked to some beautiful Birch Leaves by Nancy Bush...

Casa Pearl said...

Thanks for stopping by - I had forgottento bookmark your blog yesterday. I'm working on the large size and I just posted photos of my vertical pooling! I am liking it at this point. Kudos to you for doing the whole sock in pattern!