Thursday, June 28, 2007

Socks just a rollin' along

It just keeps raining! The amazing thing is that Canadian friends are talking about the roasting 100+ temperatures, while Texas is in the lower 80s and nonstop rain. Who turned the world upside down?? The Tuesday night meeting of the Sisters of the Wool had scarce attendance. Just before we meet, the heavens had opened and the rain came down so fast, there was lots of flooding and streets blocked. Some of our most die-hard knitters didn't come. I mean we've knitted through tornadoes in the bathroom at Starbucks before, no sissies here! So they asked for a rain check meeting and we are having an extra on Sunday. It's always fun if I can get away from the family.

So instead of activities in the great outdoors (where we would be drowned or hunted by mega mosquitoes), knitting is looking like a good activity. First, a lovely little flash of a colorway that Tina, the color wizard, just dyed up over at Blue Moon. Metamorphic was my pseudonym at Sock Camp, and let me tell you this colorway knits up beautifully. I had asked about its availability and Tina made sure I got enough from the next batch to make any old sock pattern I wanted to! Luxe! She had some other new colorways on the site that I am already studying.
Here is progress on the Solstice Slips, the June installment of Rockin' Sock Club. As you can see, those alarming rectangular pools finally started to spiral, no needle or stitch change, just relentless tugging.
And here is the reverse side of the leg. I am liking this stitch pattern, although I will have to change everything else on them, different heel, probably add some sort of ribbing. It is very stretchy and solid, knitted on Addi 1s in lightweight STR. I'm taking a brief breather before starting a flap heel here, in order to knit on these...Sock Hop Handspun in Wild Thing colorway. Bless Teyani who said that if I ran short, they could scrounge some short skeins to finish things up. Teyani, I can't tell you how that eased my mind. Thank you.
I'm really liking these. The pattern is from IKs Favorite Socks and it is the Undulating Rib sock. So far, it's doing all the right things. Knitting on Addi 1s, but as soon as I can get it over my arch, I will go down to 1s or 0s to give a firm fabric for the foot.

There are a couple of other stash yarns tempting me, but I have no more needles for the moment, they are all busy. Now, I can either finish me some socks, or order me some needles. Hmmmmm.


April said...

The yarn is absolutely beautiful. Love the sock patterns, too.

Lynn said...

Lovely socks [but I would expect no less, knowing you]. I particularly like that undulating rib. Do you think that it might solve my problem of airiness with that LotusBlossom?

bookgrump said...

Love the Sock Hop socks. Not so sure about the STR. I'll reserve opinion until they're done.

Hopefully we won't get rained out tomorrow!

tapmouse said...

I'd order more needles!-LOL!

Love the Metamorphic colorway-I'm going to order some in Twisted and knit a Baby Surprise Jacket for my cousin who is expecting a boy in October.

OK-truth be told about Backstabber and Brick? I had actually convinced Tina to dye up more Backstabber; meanwhile I placed an order and had asked if they might happen to have any Brick left (from previous batches). At the time, Joanne said they didn't have any Brick and processed the rest of my order. After getting that order, Joanne contacts me and tells me Tina actually has 2 skeins of Brick, would I like one?

At that point in time, Backstabber had been re-dyed but not yet released or posted to the site. I got lucky and they were gracious enough to add it to my order (albeit earlier than was supposed to be allowed...)

Come on, Angela-you know the gals are great over there!