Thursday, April 10, 2008

RAVELRAISERS...You give, you take! RAVATARS!

This is my second post of the day, so to find out what's going on in my normal (?) knitting life, scroll on down to the next one. These photos are gifts to generous RavelRaisers!

Here are some Ravatars which are yours for the taking. All photos were taken by me of my possessions, and you have my permission to use them for your Ravatars. Some are already photoshopped. Others are photos which you may grab and edit for your pleasure. You can take them to ROFLBOT to add text.
Artist's works photographed are by Elizabeth Taggart, Jana Napoli (parrot) and Martin Laborde.
Please enjoy them and thanks for your donations to Ravelry!

Here be Zombies

Finally I was able to take photos of the Zombie Socks! It is a bit sad that Sock Madness closed the first division early because I actually would have finished them in time and perhaps gone through to Round 2, but I'll get over it. Since I like my socks longer and my feet are hardly petite, I am already at a speed knitting disadvantage. Friends made me promise to continue knitting along, but I can do it without pressure while also altering my socks to fit. Not so bad. I've found both patterns that were released so far to be quite attractive, so complements to both the organizers and the designers.

Drumroll.........Here be Zombies!!!!
To better see the color and stitch design, we have this photo:
One of my sons gave me the most lovely Christmas present, a rare orchid every month for a year. This last one looks very Zombie-esque, don't you think?
One of my fiber friends is headed to the island of Crete. It made me think that 35 years ago on a trip to the Greek Isles, I had bought several lovely carved pieces of spinning/weaving tools on the island of Santorini. Amazingly enough, I knew just where one was, living in my umbrella stand, most logically. I took photos of this delightful distaff. Those of you who know how many marriages, relationships, transcontinental moves, thefts, etc. that have occurred over these years must share my astonishment that I still possess this little bit of history. The other spinning utensils and old textiles and rugs have disappeared, sadly but not surprisingly.
This piece is about 3 feet long, and a close-up of the head will show you the lovely carving, almost Celtic in feeling. Oh yes, it was pouring rain when I took the photos. There is a wooden hook on the back of the head to hold the fiber for spinning.
Fun news of the day for fellow fiber fanatics, Ravelry is in the black! Some devoted Ravelers decided to launch a little fundraising drawing for some pretty incredible prizes (like each prize is an entire stash of yarn or fiber or whatever) and they very quickly raised $30,000 and the total is still rising. Jess and Casey were able to pay off their initial investment and buy a new server. They have put together such a wonderful concept, I hope they will also be able to pay their new employee and perhaps buy some new shoes and premium kibble for Bob! It reminded me that I had been meaning to donate again. And once you donate, you can give yourself a cool new Ravatar. I went into ROFLBOT and created these:

All of these were done using paintings of my friend, the Irish painter Elizabeth Taggart. And just for good measure, I made one for Celtic Memory using the most spectacular photo taken by Richard, the bird lover. Perhaps she will make her own, but I couldn't resist.

Now isn't making yourself a cool new Ravatar a good reason to make a donation?

*PLEASE RAVELRAISERS...These are not mine to give away. I have used these copyrighted photos with permission for the blog. But, I PROMISE I will make more for you and post them tonight!*

Feeling a bit better. I was laid low for 48 hours due to either food poisoning or some nasty hospital acquired bug. It hit from one minute to the next while I was at the hospital with my son, who is toughing it out through the latest round of chemo, pretty miserable. I wasn't sure I could make it home, but have survived and things are looking up. I missed knitting night so you know it was pretty bad.

Knitting is sporadical. I tried to work on the second sock of a Christmas pair for a cherished friend. The complex pattern quickly fried my limited brain function these days. I'm so ADD it has ceased to be funny. After botching a repeat, I tucked the sock away for a calmer day and pulled out an old friend, which I re-discovered in a knitting bag that had gotten squashed behind a larger project bag. My Clapotis, my very first one, knitted in Lavold's Silky Tweed. I was thrilled to find it (out of sight, out of mind) as it is just the perfect level of mindlessness for my current situation. Quickly memorized, possible to stop in the middle of a row, just what I needed. Already thinking about making another one in Wollmeise.

It has been quite difficult to finish this post. There is an unbelievable storm going on. The electricity has cut out umpteen times. Just as I save and prepare to shut down the computer, the electricity comes back again so I've managed to finish more or less. I just peaked out into the back garden which is littered with large branches and some broken pots. Think I'll go look out front now. Ooops, there went the electricity again. Fun times.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This and That

Not much posting lately. Just checking in to assure you I'm still alive and kicking. The flowers are blooming, actually, they were blooming 3 days ago and now the heat has withered them. They were beautiful and such a lovely color of yellow/chartreuse with the orange stamens.

The gardener finally arrived today and there are 28 huge bags of leaves and debris sitting on the curb to be hauled off.

Finished my Zombies for Sock Madness 2, unfortunately too late to qualify. But very close. Photos coming. Watching everyone starting Round 2, which they sent a day early...April Fools! That caused quite a stir. Lots of moaning about the 72 stitch cast on. Jo's having a real problem. I've worked socks successfully from 60 to 86 stitches, but perhaps it is my tight knitting.A bit of new Wollmeise laceweight arrived. That's Brombeere, Pfaunage and Spice Market. One is for a gift and there are projects for the other two, to be revealed. Just looking at these beautiful yarns is therapy. Now...serious yarn diet. Serious, serious, serious!
Know what these are? They are the little sample skeins of worsted that the Wollmeise tucks into her shipments. Now those who know me know blues don't work into my color schemes, so...if anyone has some sample skeins in not blues they would like to trade, just let me know. I have an idea how to use them.

Go over to Bea's blog and wish her Happy Birthday. Then take a crack at her fun contest. It has to do with the English bulldogs Abby and Gus and involves a bit of dog psychology. Prizes include her really beautiful yarn. And please mention I sent you, which will give me an extra entry. It's all in the rules.

Now, anyone know WendyKnits middle name?????