Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This and That

Not much posting lately. Just checking in to assure you I'm still alive and kicking. The flowers are blooming, actually, they were blooming 3 days ago and now the heat has withered them. They were beautiful and such a lovely color of yellow/chartreuse with the orange stamens.

The gardener finally arrived today and there are 28 huge bags of leaves and debris sitting on the curb to be hauled off.

Finished my Zombies for Sock Madness 2, unfortunately too late to qualify. But very close. Photos coming. Watching everyone starting Round 2, which they sent a day early...April Fools! That caused quite a stir. Lots of moaning about the 72 stitch cast on. Jo's having a real problem. I've worked socks successfully from 60 to 86 stitches, but perhaps it is my tight knitting.A bit of new Wollmeise laceweight arrived. That's Brombeere, Pfaunage and Spice Market. One is for a gift and there are projects for the other two, to be revealed. Just looking at these beautiful yarns is therapy. Now...serious yarn diet. Serious, serious, serious!
Know what these are? They are the little sample skeins of worsted that the Wollmeise tucks into her shipments. Now those who know me know blues don't work into my color schemes, so...if anyone has some sample skeins in not blues they would like to trade, just let me know. I have an idea how to use them.

Go over to Bea's blog and wish her Happy Birthday. Then take a crack at her fun contest. It has to do with the English bulldogs Abby and Gus and involves a bit of dog psychology. Prizes include her really beautiful yarn. And please mention I sent you, which will give me an extra entry. It's all in the rules.

Now, anyone know WendyKnits middle name?????


Bea said...

Love those flowers...I have to keep them in mind when I dye again.

And the yarn is beautiful. You are always getting nice yarns it will be interesting to see you on a yarn diet!

fleegle said...

Those colors are just delectable! And I love your ribbed cuff.