Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Literary Meme and a sock, a single sock

I don't often do the meme thing, but Di of ClementinesShoes had such an odd one that I couldn't resist.

So here goes. The rules: Open the book you're currently reading on page 161 and read the fifth sentence on the page, then think of 5 bloggers to tag. Well, would five of you please auto-tag? My results:

Le gros grec d'Odessa, le juif de Varsovie,

Le jeune lieutenant, le général âgé,

Tous ils cherchaient en elle un peu de folle vie,

Et sur son sein rêvait leur amour passager.

Well, that poem is the fifth sentence, but since not everyone will appreciate it, I will give you the sixth one:

"Finally there had been one "real" poet, Mother's cousin, Prince Volkhovskoy, who had published on velvety paper an exquisitely printed, thick, expensive volume of languorous poems Auroras and Stars, all in Italian viny vignettes, with a portrait photograph of the author in the front and a monstrous list of misprints at the back."

Hints: It is non-fiction. The author loves to write very long sentences. One of my gentle readers may perhaps guess, since she recently returned the book and I am re-reading it after years' absence. This is one of my very favorite authors.
And now for the obligatory knitting content, I present a sock, a single sock, with which I am very happy. Sock the second is underway and I hope to have the pair completed for the October Sockdown on Ravelry. They allow you until the end of November, but have already posted a mystery sock for November which looks downright interesting. The mystery sock for October was Sheherazade, which is absolutely gorgeous, and has planted itself firmly in my queue.

Brigit knit in Wollmeise.


Deborah said...

Ahh, so the little cable motifs spring from the ribs. . . . Clever! Glad to hear it was such a satisfying knit; such are to be cherished, to be sure.

Mystery Sock? Where on ravelry is that? So much undiscovered country. . . .

bookgrump said...

That sock is stunning! You should be very proud!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I might argue with you on the 'non-fiction' categorisation of your Mystery Book choice - but then, there is a lot of thinly-disguised autobiographical yearning in there, certainly. As a journalist who has to tackle advertising copy from time to time, I've always loved that author's observation that 'genius is an African who dreams up snow'. You could apply that pretty fairly to the best knitting design too, now I think about it. No restraints imposed by tradition, no preconceptions, just a free flight into fantasy.

Off to find the Mystery Sock teaser now...

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

And I totally forgot to say that Brigit is superb. Brava! I tracked down this pattern simply ages ago but somehow it got sidelined in the rush of novelty that is Ravelry. No more it won't be. Going to start it (almost) right away - after the Dogi vest and the Blue Ridge socks.

Linda said...

Your Brigit is gorgeous!! That pattern is definitely on my to-knit list!