Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kid n Ewe and Llamas, Too

Finally, a report from the fiber festival in Boerne (pronounced Berney) last week-end. Susan and I took off in her VW bug late Thursday down the back roads to the Hill Country. A pleasant several hours drive. We were the first ones there when they opened on Friday so we got to see the offerings before they were decimated. Knitting Fairy was there, and we met M2Dragons from Ravelry, as well as at Lone Star Arts, who made us Ravelry badges to wear. Hockett Would Works was there, and he gave me a commemorative spindle to add the the others of his I've collected. It is slightly heavier, so is a welcome addition. But he didn't have any knitty noddies or darning eggs that were on my "need" list.

Our mission was a cash only budget, to limit our collecting, and to try to find treasures we couldn't buy just anywhere. Well, one of our big finds was this lovely selection from Plain and Fancy. Organically home grown merino, spun in the region, dyed by the lady of the farm who has a marvelous sense of color. It has a homespun look, too. The decisions were hard because there were at least 20 colors each that we had to choose between. I ended up with a strange grey for a Wool Peddler's Shawl.
And then there was Brooks Farm. This is only perhaps a tenth of what they were showing. It was amazing. And quickly swamped with buyers grabbing. Sherry and Dena were delightful as always. And Randall was there too. Needless to say, I couldn't resist a few skeins of Mas Acero for a sweater in a goldish brown.

These friendly and well behaved alpacas were making the rounds of the halls.
Lorelei of Heritage Arts was there, wondering how long she could survive eating beans so she could afford this fantastic wheel crafted by Bill Wyatt. The Legacy, made from timbers which had lain at the bottom of the Great Lakes for 200 years. Note, she is barefoot as usual.
And there was a large display of JoJoLand's yarns. With lovely Lijua, the young woman from Northern China who is behind it all. She imports, sells, designs lots and lots of lacy things, and knits all the samples. OK, I'm impressed.
And here is Susan, checking out the cashmere.
Bill Wyatt demonstrated the Great Wheel for me. Utterly fascinating. It's the one they call the walking wheel. There were bunnies, really cute bunnies.
And goats...
After all this excitement, roughly six hours on our feet, we headed out for dinner at the Dodging Duck Brewhouse down the river road. A perfect recommendation. Then back down the road home to our lodgings, where we found a secret hot tub in the dark, immediately stuck our very sore feet in, and both managed to slip and get totally soaked fully clothed. Me much worse than Susan, who was laughing like a hyena while I shivered as I realized that nothing I was wearing would be dried out by the following morning.
We stayed in the most delightful B&B in Comfort, owned by Sandy whose gourmet breakfasts were amazing. She loves to cook. The place had plenty of wildlife...
This charming little object is to hold bits of yarn for the birds to grab for their nests.
And a porch cat who guarded our door.
We looked at typical houses and shops in Comfort and Fredericksburg.
Check out the sculptured birds on the roof. Way cool.
I've always loved the courthouse in Llano.
And this, gentle readers, is a yarn glutton, overcome with yarn fumes at Brooks Farm, on her bottom on the very dusty floor, balancing the merits of different colorways.
Lorelei said that if we were returning home by the back roads, we had to stop in Hico for chocolate, better than Godiva. Now that seemed strange... a chocolate factory in tiny little Hico. But since Lorelei is German, I had to think she might know what she was talking about. Well, she did. Wiseman House Fine Handmade Chocolates, the most elegant old house, all very fancy and full of wonderful chocolates. It would hold its own next to any European chocolate emporium. Texas never ceases to surprise me.
Thanks to Susan for some of her photos!


Bea said...

That sounds like a very very fun trip! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

Micki said...

Great recap! I hope I get to go next year. And thank you for helping to pick out such nice things to bring back for me.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

And next time I WILL be there. Nothing is going to keep me from those goodies! You look great sitting on the floor - sometimes it's the only way to decide on the yarns, isn't it? I love that JoJoLand - the shading looks beautiful. Oh I wish I'd been there!

Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) said...

Oh, what fun! Feet will recover. . . .

Cash only, huh? Tough discipline! What all did you end up getting? And, congratulations on the chocolate find!

RecycleMicol said...

Argh! Next year...I'm promising myself! I would have loved to have seen you two in that hot tub! Hhahahahaa.

Susan said...

Yes...there was entertainment for all. We had a blast and a half. The B&B in Comfort was in the perfect spot. Away from the hussle and bussle of Boerne and Fredericksburg. We will stay there again.


Holly said...

I couldn't find Lorelei - but if you see her, tell her that Norwegian Wheel comes from a set of UK plans (you can buy them off the web).

A local schreiner and spinning wheel maker made me on.

It is wonderful.