Monday, October 29, 2007

A Horror Story fit for All Hallow's Eve

In all the excitement the cooler weather brings (as in Yay! I can wear handknit socks) I pulled out my never worn pair of STR Monkey Socks the other day and pulled them on. Some time later, I looked down to admire my socks. Lo and behold, a large hole in the middle of the top of the instep!!! Of course, I took them off immediately and examined them, and yes, it was really a large hole where the yarn had snapped. I thought of reknitting the hole, but they had already taken every inch of the yarn, and then some. All options were eliminated one by one, except frogging back to mid-gusset and reknitting the foot. Deep breath, frog, frog, sigh!

So distraught was I, that I must have knitted like a fiend to repair this. Since in one day, it is reknitted and kitchenered and ready to go again. All's well that ends well. Still no clue as to what happened in the first place.

And here is a progress report on the Acorn Socks! And yes, all those seven stitches into one make perfect little three-dimensional acorns. I have photographed these in almost every light, and the photos just don't want to show how lovely those acorns are. Except when it totally changes the color of the yarn.

And this is where Miss Poppy lives most of the time. Helping me type. Aiding my deadlines. Yeah, right!


Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) said...

You're a Real Blogger now: a hole in your sock and you *grab the camera*! ;)

Reknit in one night? Wow!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Actually that's right, Deb - I now find myself grabbing the camera even before I shriek at whatever mayhem or disaster has struck in Knit-Land - do you do it too?

Angeluna, that was really really horrific - I'm amazed and envious that you had the strength of will to frog back and re-knit. I discovered a hole in a just-finished sock once but as it was on the side of the ankle, I took the wicked step of darning it with matching yarn and expunging the incident immediately from my mind.

Adorable Poppy - could you perhaps incorporate an arrow indicating nose, ear, face? (Tail I can get.) She's one gorgeous heap of fluffy cuddleness at the moment.