Sunday, October 14, 2007

Acorns of all sorts

Just a little more progress on the Wollmeise Brigit sock. Needs a toe and I can start on sock number two. Plenty of yarn for once. And the designer, Gigi Silva of Socktopia, also designed Bellatrix, Fawkes and Nagini, amongst many other lovelies. I am very, very happy with this sock.
Actually, I set Brigit aside, as well as Bellatrix, to test knit the Acorn Sock for Anne Hanson of Knitspot. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Anne's designs. They are beautiful, creative, and very well written. I was thrilled on Friday when she asked me if I wanted to test run the new pattern. There was a concert I had to attend, but I begged off early and ran home to go through the stash and choose a yarn and get started. I managed to complete the ribbing and the complete first repeat of the acorn pattern. If you are looking for a bit of a challenge, this might be the pattern. Ever tried knitting seven times in one stitch on size 1 needles? I'm here to tell you, it can be done. I'm actually fascinated as Anne has thrown in a decrease I've never done before. I'm not totally convinced with the yarn I chose. I picked it for it's fall colors, but I'm hoping it won't detract from those acorns. I used the custom dyed Some Assembly Required I received recently, in the normal sock weight wool.
Pictures next time, as I'm just not far enough along to show off, but you can see the master sock on Anne's blog.
Then I had to set the Acorns aside to knit some baby things. A friend in her mid-forties decided she wanted a baby before it was too late. She had a pact with an old friend that if she hadn't married and had a baby by the time she was forty, he would help with a test tube donation and play an active role in the baby's life. Well, a baby girl is arriving next month, everyone healthy and very, very excited. I thought that baby really deserves some hand-knitted love, so I'm knitting baby things for a few days. This child will be showered with love.
Here is a sweater I've never photographed and shown before, although I've worn it several times. Loosely based on Oat Couture's Silverlake Shirt, I made several modifications. It is knit in Softball cotton from Lotus Blossom on eBay. Just a comfy, cozy tunic sweater for our spring and fall weather.

Speaking of weather, that rain they've been promising for weeks finally showed up last night. A downpour with strong winds. Loved it. And this is the time of year that my house is bombarded around the clock for weeks on end by falling acorns (see Anne, how appropriate that I knit the Acorn sock) from the three huge oak trees that shade my house. Guests who don't know what it is are quite disturbed until I explain.


Micki said...

I cannot express the depth of my feelings for the Brigit sock.

Wait until you see my skein of Raku-Regenbogen. It doesn't even look like the same yarn. But I love it!

Linda said...

Love, love, love your Brigit sock! That's a great pattern and your yarn is gorgeous. I was excited when I recognized your name on knitspot's blog! How fun that you get to test knit for her. I am a big fan of her designs. Have fun with all those acorns!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Seriously jealous that you test-knit for Anne (hey Anne, over here, over HERE!) and can't wait to try that 7 in 1 plus The Mystery Decrease.

Lovely description of the rain and the falling acorns. If it stayed raining, would you have a tiny oak forest surrounding your house?

Eclectichick said...

Oooo... be happy your feet are bigger than mine so there won't be an attempted sock theft! Okay, enough 'net, time to knit!