Friday, July 20, 2007

This Little Chickie Needs a Name

Please let me introduce you to my birthday chick. Isn't he/she the cutest thing you ever saw? He is one of BookGrump's babies and I am in love. Now, I just said he, didn't I? Must say, I do think he is a "he". Well...he needs a name. Any ideas are welcome as I just know you are more clever than I. I keep trying to call him Rufus and I'm not sure that's who he wants to be. Grace, I am honored! Thank you.

By the way, check out her blog because Bookgrump is madly working on a pair of Molly Weasley's sleeves. I suppose she must finish them for the booklaunch tonight. Who's gonna be there? I'm taking a surprise guest with me, and that guest is looking a lot like Severus Snape in the costume we are putting together. Stay tuned for a BIG surprise!!!!
Now I promised to show you some of of my "score" from Heritage Arts. I went wild in front of the wall of roving and had to restrain myself by reminding myself that...I don't spin...YET.
Here is Merino in Mojave...

and in Sage... And since I got a spindle from Hokett Would Work, a lovely thing in Yellow Heart wood, slightly heavier and wider and slightly belled underneath, which is supposed to spin longer, I suppose I'm committed. Well, we shall see once I get it spinning, shan't we. Lorelei, the fabulous, showed us how to activate the spindle by placing it between our feet and kicking one foot back. Sure worked for her, but I'm hoping I don't unbalance and break my neck while I'm at it.
And this was an interesting bunch of Texas natural spun yarn. Got a nice big bundle as a birthday present for a special friend. There will be a reveal on this in the next few days, but here is a hint.....

You will have to tune back in to see what this HUGE surprise is all about!


Lilly said...

His name is Roony, of course.

Deborah said...

He *does* look a bit like a rufous hummingbird -- we've got lots of those here.

Howdy, surprise visitor!