Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bellatrix for All Hallows Eve????

Progress report. Here is Sock 1 of Bellatrix from Socktopia. We've turned the heel, it fits, the weight of the skein seems to be almost OK to finish the pair. If I need a few rounds of black for the toe, so be it. It seems like it wants to stay up. Life is good.
Here were my STR Rockin' Sock Club Solstice Slip socks in Firebird. This is the length I arrived at, 7" leg, size medium, foot size small, size 2.50mms on the leg and 2.25mm on the feet. This is it, not another inch of yarn left, used up my keychain spare! With multiple inches to go on each foot, plus I'd love a dab of ribbing at the provisional cast-ons. Several angels stepped out of the woodwork to offer their left-overs, so I'm starting to knit again. Bless you each and every one. Hope to have them done over the week-end and post them to Summer of Socks. A package arrived from Japan on Thursday. First, I managed to order directly from the Amazon site without going through the other page for setting up an account.I'm just amazed. Late Wednesday, I received some sort of confirmation e-mail, totally in Japanese, and I wondered what was going on. Thought I would print it out and take it to a nearby Sushi restaurant for translation. I ordered these evening of August 27. Dawn Thursday morning on the 30th, they arrived with a Fed-Ex truck, although the package is marked Intl. Priority. Most of these are being carried by a shop in Canada, but I felt adventurous. Did I mention...they are fabulous!
Fleegle encouraged me with this Japanese order. Just want to thank her and put the blame where it belongs.

This beautifully dyed skein of sock yarn is from Madeline Tosh, who happens to be local, who knew? I believe this color is Peacock (I'll correct this if I find otherwise). Now I don't know which socks it wants to be, but it will let me know, I'm sure. I'm guessing zeros??
And here is the STR Rockin' Sock Club Summer of Love Lace, August's kit. The second pair this year designed by J.C.Briar. Lace cuffed socks. Not my color or pattern, but beautiful all the same and they will make good gifts. Two more kits to go for the year. Since we've heard a rumor that Cat Bordhi will be designing one, it leaves me wondering who will design the other and what colors they will be. Sivia Harding did the extraordinary design for the last year's holiday sock and it was gorgeous. CookieA did another. It is now getting truly exciting and I will be anxious to see what's in the next two kits. Guess I'll just have to knit something else until they arrive.Off for errands and dinner, then back to knitting. Wishing a happy and safe holiday week-end to one and all.


Micki said...

I'm drooling over those Japanese stitch books. :)

Cindy said...

Oh, the temptations of the STR sock club. Very nice! I also really like that Madeline Tosh yarn, I will have to check out that link...

Bellatrix for Halloween! Woot! Perfect!

fleegle said...

What can I say? I am an enabler in training to be a pusher. But, of course, you aren't exactly innocent, what with the stuff from STR :)