Saturday, November 7, 2009

Off and On the Needles - Fall Report I

It's been so long since I've posted. The blogging fairy has gone AWOL. But yes, I've cranked out a bit of knitting over the past few months.

First, I apologize for the wonky order of the photos. Blogger and I are having a huge discussion and Blogger won't let me rearrange them, so please forgive me if the lack of logical order is perplexing!

First on the agenda (Blogger's agenda, not mine), a pair of Par 5 Socks by Ingrid Hiddessen in wonderful Eidos yarn from the Sanguine Gryphon. Fun pattern and the Eidos is a pleasure to knit. These are most definitely still WIP as I keep getting distracted by other tempting ideas.

Then a huge hurrah for the finished Morning Surf Scarf knit in Micki's incredibly beautiful handspun. I'm very, very happy with this one. The roving came from Crown Mountain Farms and bled like a stuck pig when I blocked it. Must add vinegar next time, although Micki did a vinegar soak after spinning it. Oh well, third time's charm. This is evidently typical for CMF.
And here is the beginning of a test knit of Everything's Connected Socks by Jeannie Fanihi. The test pattern was beautifully written. Love the socks. I'm using Wollmeise 100% in Fliederbusch that sweet Doris sent me from Germany. Adore the color.
Another WIP is a pair of broken rib socks, again in Eidos, again set aside for something else that caught my eye.
And here is another progress shot of Everything's Connected. Told you the photo order was WONKY! The pattern is very logical and hypnotic, so much so that I seem to fall asleep on them every time I start to knit. But thank goodness I'm approaching the toe of sock one. Jeannie assured me I needed to use the 84 stitch version of the pattern, and I'm so glad I did. With all the cabling, they are still snug. But that's a whopping lot of stitches on small needles.
And here we have another "Off the Needles". Fascinate by Berroco in Kureyon Sock Yarn. One skein, one very long scarf. This one was shipped of to Lizzie in Ireland for her birthday. I love this drop stitch pattern and may well keep one on the needles at all times for the rest of my natural life. And yes, I already have another one on the needles and yes, I bought a couple of skeins more for the stash.
Nothing knitted here, just the belly dancer who was also behind the cookstove when Doreen and I took a Middle Eastern cooking class at Central Market. BTW, the dancer donned a chef's jacket while she prepared the food, then danced between the courses. She was also teaching the belly dance moves and we were all semi-costumed. Hilarious. Excellent vegetable cous-cous.

Another "Off the Needles" is this pair of Angees by CookieA, done in Jitterbug. Nice socks.
And here is a close-up of the pattern. These were fun and went quickly. I finished them in time to wear to a class with CookieA at the Woollie Ewe. It was on sock design and Cookie was quite inspiring. I still remember her from Sock Camp years ago, sprawled on her stomach knitting incredibly complex German socks. What a girl!
And now we have a gigantic WIP, an Absorba done with 6 strands of cotton on size 15 needles. Reading others' comments on Ravelry about tangling and aching hands, I almost didn't attempt it. In the end, it is a fast, addictive knit which could easily be finished in a few days. I've had no tangling whatsoever (knock on wood) and not much hand trauma. Except when I tried to switch from the bathmat to a pair of socks and the sock needles kept falling out of my fingers. Lesson, start on the smaller needles first.
Absorba is a Christmas project for Dr. Persnickety. He is so perfectionist, I never know what to get him, let alone make for him. I thought a lovely thick bathmat couldn't go far wrong. Taya said the only problem is this mat takes a very, very long time to dry.
There will be at least another segment to this report. Hope the picture placing works next time. This was frustrating. Next time I will try to plan first. Fancy that.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

So pleased to see you up and blogging again. Your witty wry style was much missed.

And I know exactly what you mean about Blogger - for some reason it won't let me place pictures where I want either. New rules about which we haven't been informed?

There are several yarns which bleed like the aforesaid stuck pig - I remember Interlacements Tiny Toes is absolutely dreadful, with Koigu not far behind. The richer the colours, the worse the bleeding.

Only -leventy-seven sock projects? You're falling behind, girl! Can't wait for that Everything's Connected pattern to become available though!

bookgrump said...

So much pretty! Your knitting is always so beautiful!

I think you may be missing a picture... Where's the one of YOU bellydancing? :D

Bea said...

OH my goodness. It is ALL gorgeous. I am particularly fond of the orange socks of course...but you probably could have guessed that.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Sockity, sockity, dear cousin -- glad to see you back! :-)

I especially like those openwork scarves. Is the Noro the one you were working on when I came through town?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous knitting!!!!!